About Us

With over 15 years of experience in both retail and wholesale, a dedicated team always there to serve you and the motivation to always offer you the newest technology at the best prices, we will always offer you the best shopping experience online or at our retail store. We are proud to always do our best to bring you the newest, healthiest or greener products whenever it is possible.


We test all our products to ensure they meet our standards of satisfaction and quality before selling them. For example we have tested one of each model of vaporizer we carry, we wear the organic clothes we sell, eat our hemp seeds and food, use our lighters... Whathever we don't like, or wouldn't use ourselves we just don't sell it, that's it.


The same goes for our prices, beeing customers too in our own lives, we only sell products at a price we think would be fair if we were buying it, in other words we put ourselves in your shoes and if we think something is just overpriced for what you actually get we just don't carry it.


We are there for you and will always do the extra something to try to make you happy.


We love to hear and learn from you, please send us as much feedback and comments as you feel like, we really appreciate it.