Premium Herb Grinders - Precision Grinding for Every Blend

​ Discover the perfect grind with our vast selection of Herb Grinders, tailored to fit every herb enthusiast's needs from compact 2-piece grinders for on-the-go convenience to comprehensive 5-piece units for a more refined result, Each grinder is crafted for efficiency and durability, featuring aircraft-grade aluminum bodies and razor-sharp teeth designed to handle the toughest of herbs. Whether you're looking for a grinder that offers fine consistency or one that preserves chunkier pieces for rolling, our variety ensures the ideal grind every time. Enhance your smoking ritual with our high-quality herb grinders, engineered for a seamless grinding experience. Shop at Utopia online or at our physical store in Montreal, Canada.

Kannastor Grinder 2 piece 2.2 Inch
31.99 $ 31.990000000000002 CAD

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