The Waves Beaker by Castle Glassworks – 12-Inch - 9mm Thick Premium Borosilicate Glass Bong


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12" 9mm

The Waves Beaker by Castle Glassworks – 12-Inch - 9mm Thick Premium Borosilicate Glass Bong
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Brand: Castle Glassworks

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Introducing Castle Glassworks Waves Beaker

Immerse yourself in a sea of style and sturdiness with the Castle Glassworks Waves Beaker. This piece is not just a bong, it's a statement of elegance and reliability, crafted for those who value both form and function.

Striking Visuals with Colorful Logo Pattern

The Waves Beaker is a true eye-catcher, boasting a vibrant logo pattern that dances around the tube. This colorful design isn’t just a print; it's a conversation starter, an artwork that sets the tone for every session. As the smoke swirls within, the pattern comes to life, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that complements the rhythmic experience of smoking.

Robust Construction

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, the Waves Beaker features a substantial 12mm thick base, measuring 5 inches in width. This solid foundation not only ensures durability but also provides a reassuring heft, making it resistant to tipping – ideal for gatherings and solo sessions alike.

Functionality and Comfort

At 12 inches in height, the Waves Beaker is ergonomically sized for a comfortable grip and an effortless smoking journey. The 18mm female joint is strategically positioned to facilitate a smooth flow, while the tube's 50mm diameter allows for ample volume, ensuring a satisfying pull with every use.

Deep Bowl for Even Burning

The deep bowl design allows for a generous pack, meaning you can settle in for a long session without constant refills. This ensures a consistent burn, offering a smooth and uninterrupted experience from start to finish.

The Epitome of Style Meets Substance

The Castle Glassworks Waves Beaker represents the pinnacle of bong craftsmanship, marrying the robustness of thick borosilicate glass with the allure of a stunning visual design. It’s an embodiment of the smoker's lifestyle: bold, beautiful, and unapologetically functional. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the scene, the Waves Beaker promises to deliver an unmatched smoking experience, making it an indispensable addition to your collection. Elevate your smoking sessions with the bong that stands as a pillar of style and strength.

Dimensions and Thickness

  • Tube Thickness: 9mm
  • Base Thickness: 12mm
  • Height: 12 inches / 30.50 cm
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Tube Diameter: 50mm
  • Downstem Length: 5.75 inches / 14.5 cm

Included Accessories

  • 1x colored glass 19mm downstem
  • 1x matching 14mm bowl

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