​ Specialty Dab Rigs for Wax and Concentrates

Dive into our exquisite range of Dab Rigs, specially curated for wax and concentrate enthusiasts. Our selection features top-quality rigs, designed to cater to every preference and style. Discover rigs of various sizes, from compact mini rigs to larger, intricate setups, all aimed at providing the optimal dabbing experience. Our rigs boast advanced features like percolators rigs or recycler rigs for smooth hits. Crafted from high-quality materials like durable borosilicate glass and resilient silicone, these rigs ensure durability and longevity. Shop now online or come to our montreal store for the best dabbing accessories.

7.5 Inch Glass Juice Box Rig
59.99 $ 59.99 CAD
Genie Mini Nectar Collector Kit
34.99 $ 34.99 CAD
11" 5mm
Hoss Glass 11 Inch Concentrate Bubbler H061
85.00 $ 169.99 $ 85.0 CAD (50% OFF)

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