120mm Dab Tool with Silicone Tip


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120mm Dab Tool with Silicone Tip

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    Elevate Your Precision with Dual-Color Silicone Dab Tools

    Introducing our 120mm Dab Tools with Silicone Tips, your new go-to accessory for handling concentrates with absolute precision and ease. Available in two vibrant color options, these tools combine functionality with style to enhance your dabbing sessions.

    Designed for Superior Control and Safety

    Our dab tools are crafted from durable materials and feature a silicone tip at one end, providing a non-stick surface that is perfect for manipulating sticky substances without waste. The silicone tip is heat resistant, making it safe and ideal for various types of concentrates.

    Stylish and Practical

    Choose from two stylish color options to match your personal style or to complement your existing gear. Whether you opt for the cool blue or the vibrant yellow, each tool is designed with a clear shaft and a textured grip for enhanced control and comfort during use.

    Product Specifications

    • Length: 120mm, perfect for detailed work.
    • Materials: High-quality glass and silicone tip.
    • Colors Available: Blue and Yellow.
    • Features: Non-stick silicone tip, textured grip for improved handling.
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