Knotty Boy Mistic Lock Deodorizer Satsuma Spritz 16oz


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Knotty Boy Mistic Lock Deodorizer Satsuma Spritz 16oz
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finally, a fabric freshener for your hair! instantly kill bacteria and deodorize musty or smelly dreadlocks refresh and cleanse locks between showers with just a few squirts keep locks fresher, longer between washings infuse hair with light, lasting fragrance Not-so-fresh to cleaner, sweeter smelling locks — instantly. The worst thing about your favorite greasy spoon diner? Walking out with that rancid, bacon fat smell still lingering in your locks. Or how about working the steamy dish pit all night, only to realize your dreads smell like the garbage-filled floor mats you just sprayed out? Or the reek of cigarette smoke still trapped in your hair from a show three nights ago? ugh. Finally, a way to instantly refresh dreadlocks without stepping anywhere near the shower. Knotty Boy Natural MISTic Lock Deodorizer & Fragrance Spray is a powerful hair deodorizer and shampoo-less cleanser that refreshes and cleanses ALL hair types with just a few squirts. Like a fabric freshener for your hair - only all natural, of course - Natural MISTic utilizes Silver Citrate to kill odour-causing bacteria upon contact. Not only is Knotty Boy Natural MISTic a highly effective deodorizer, it's also what's known as an acidifier - a type of conditioner in which the acidic nature of its combined ingredients (Silver Citrate, Vinegar, Fruit Extracts, Vitamin C, etc.) makes hair more supple, seals follicles and even helps retain hair colour. But most importantly, it keeps locks fresh longer between washings, all while infusing them with a light, lasting fragrance. Hot date right after your shift at the coffee shop? Cat-pee dreads no more, thanks to Knotty Boy Natural MISTic! Available in three tantalizing scents: Satsuma Spritz — just like digging into a fresh, juicy orange Cedar Spruce — crisp, clean & theraupeutic, conjuring images of lush, coastal forests Waterfall — bright, flowery and fresh as a pristine waterfall rushing down a tropical mountainside Directions: Shake well. Spritz as needed onto scalp and locks to refresh, cleanse and deodorize. Use also as air freshener, armpit deodorant, litter box deodorizer, stinky shoe eliminator, weird-vintage-store smell blaster, car freshener and pretty much anything else that needs a little de-funking! Ingredients: Purified Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Aloe Vera Extract, Cane Sugar Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Betaine (nat. derived), Hexlene Glycol (nat. derived), Apple Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Hexapeptide-11 (nat. derived), Panthenol, Polysorbate 20 (nat. derived), Citric Acid, Silver Citrate. May contain: Cedar Oil, Juniper Fruit Oil, Parfum

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