Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray - 11x7 Inch Camper Van Shroom Trip - Sturdy & Artistic Herb Tray


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Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray - 11x7 Inch Camper Van Shroom Trip - Sturdy & Artistic Herb Tray

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Navigate Your Rolling Journey with Pulsar's Camper Van Shroom Trip Rolling Tray

Embark on a psychedelic adventure with the Pulsar Metal Rolling Tray, featuring the whimsical Camper Van Shroom Trip design. This tray, measuring 11 inches by 7 inches, is a vibrant homage to smokable flora set against a fantastical backdrop, perfect for those who dream big and roll bigger. Constructed with rolled edges for strength and raised sides for safety, it's the ideal companion for containing your herbs during the rolling process. Crafted from durable metal and boasting a colourfast finish, this tray promises to withstand the test of time without peeling, chipping, or fading. It's not only easy to clean but also serves as a statement piece for any rolling enthusiast's collection. Whether you're prepping for a session or just admiring the art, the Pulsar Rolling Tray transports you to a wild, green haven with every use.

A Canvas for Creativity

Pulsar's metal rolling tray isn't just a tool; it's a canvas for your rolling creativity. The vivid Camper Van Shroom Trip design brings a touch of the wild and the whimsical to your routine, inspiring stories and sessions alike.

Durable Design for Daily Use

Made from sturdy metal with rolled edges and an inch-deep raised side, this tray is built for both safety and longevity. Its durable construction means you can rely on it session after session.

Vivid Imagery That Lasts

The colorfast design ensures that your tray remains as vibrant as your adventures, never succumbing to the wear of time. The lush, green flora backdrop will continue to captivate you and your companions.

Effortless Maintenance

Ease of cleaning is a must for any rolling tray, and Pulsar delivers. A simple wipe-down restores it to its original glory, making maintenance as breezy as a trip in the depicted camper van.

Pulsar Quality You Can Trust

Pulsar is a name synonymous with quality in the smoking accessory world, and this rolling tray is no exception. It's a piece that promises to be a trusty sidekick for all your herbal escapades.

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