Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig – Portable Vaporizer for Wax with Water Filtration


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Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig – Portable Vaporizer for Wax with Water Filtration

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Brand: Yocan Vaporizer

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Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig: A Fusion of Power and Precision

Embark on an unparalleled vaping journey with the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig, a device that exemplifies the fusion of high-end craftsmanship and advanced technology, offering a premium experience without the hefty price tag. This sleek e-rig is powered by a robust 1800mAh battery, supporting up to 17 hours of continuous use. The innovative S1 Reactive Chipset and precision temperature setting ranging from 400°F to 700°F allow for tailored heat preferences. Its state-of-the-art dual coil system combines the purity of quartz with the consistent heat of ceramic, delivering unparalleled vapor quality. Equipped with a water bubbler for smoother inhalation and an OLED screen for vital vaping data, the Yocan Black Phaser Max is your key to a superior dabbing journey. Available in an array of colors, including silver, blue, red, and classic black, this e-rig is both a statement piece and a testament to Yocan's commitment to quality and performance.

Extended Battery Life for Maximum Enjoyment

With a powerful 1800mAh battery, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig delivers up to 17 hours of continuous use. This extended battery life ensures that your sessions are uninterrupted, whether enjoying solo or sharing with friends. Its ability to support long-lasting sessions makes it an ideal companion for any event, from the comfort of your home to the excitement of outdoor adventures.

Dual Coil System with Ceramic and Quartz

Equipped with Yocan's TGT (Target Tech) Coils, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig combines the slow, flavor-preserving nature of ceramic with the fast-acting, purity-focused properties of quartz. This dual-coil design delivers a balanced and potent vapor production, preserving the full flavor profile of your wax concentrates.

Precision Temperature Control for Custom Sessions

With precision temperature control ranging from 400°F to 700°F, the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig caters to the connoisseur's palate. Whether you prefer the delicate terpenes at lower temperatures or the powerful impact of higher settings, this E-Rig allows you to fine-tune your session down to the degree.

Advanced User Interface for Seamless Operation

The OLED screen presents essential vaping data in crisp clarity, ensuring easy readability under any lighting conditions. This feature allows users to monitor temperature, battery life, and coil resistance, empowering them to make informed decisions about their vaping experience.

Integrated Water Bubbler

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig comes with a built-in water bubbler, elevating the quality of each draw. Water filtration removes impurities and cools the vapor, delivering smooth and flavorful hits that are gentle on the throat and lungs, reducing coughing and enhancing overall session quality.

Ergonomically Designed for Comfort and Style

The ergonomic grip of the Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig ensures comfortable handling during extended sessions, while the silicone mouthpiece enhances the comfort of each draw. This thoughtful design minimizes the risk of dropping the device and provides a pleasant tactile experience.

Features at a Glance

  • USB Type-C Charging: For quick and convenient power-ups.
  • 15-Second-Safety Shut-Off: To preserve battery life and ensure safety.
  • S1 Reactive Chipset: For consistent and responsive performance.
  • Precision Temperature Setting: For tailored vapor experiences.
  • Line of Sight Display Screen: For easy monitoring of device status.

In the Box:

  • 1 x Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig
  • 2 x Coils (1 Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 1 x USB-Type C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

A Trusted Friend Alongside your Journey

The Yocan Black Phaser Max E-Rig is a testament to Yocan's legacy of innovative and affordable vaporizers. It stands as a beacon of quality in the Yocan Black lineup, promising an exceptional, customizable, and clean vaping experience. Whether for medicinal or recreational use, the Phaser Max E-Rig is poised to become an indispensable part of your daily routine.

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