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 Our extensive selection caters to all, from classic glass beaker bongs to sleek straight tubes, and from intricate dab rigs to portable mini bubblers. Whether you're seeking a desktop centerpiece water pipe or a handheld companion, our range includes everything from glass to silicone, ensuring durability and style. Each piece we carry is carefully chosen one by one by our team for its style, durability and functionality and that makes us the best online headshop !

Alongside our bongs, bubblers, and waterpipes, Utopia offers a wide range of smoking accessories and supplies. From parts and pieces like bowls and downstems or Ashcatchers to enhance your bongs with complementary items that elevate your smoking sessions. We invite you to explore our selection online or visit our Montreal store for a personalized shopping experience.

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MJ Arsenal Jammer Mini Dab Rig
79.99 $ 79.99 CAD
Hoss Glass Super Thick Bowl YX21C
17.99 $ 17.990000000000002 CAD
Hoss Glass Thick Snapper Bowl YX20C
17.99 $ 17.990000000000002 CAD

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